Couples Session

Discover the feminine and masculine polarities, the divine union of duality. The connection to feel oneness.  Experience mutual effort with personalised support in the way of Love.  This is for couples who feel it’s time to make the leap into each other.

An individual session for both is needed before a couple session. 

*Ashik is currently on a sabbatical and not taking bookings at this time.

What to expect

This is an opportunity discover and explore the masculine and feminine energies in yourself and your partner, with the guidance of an experienced facilitator. 

It is a journey to discover, accept and let go of social conditioning, pressure, contractions and limitations that can keep you both stuck in the same patterns, where each plays the same stories over again, projecting our individual conditioning onto the other. With a facilitator, you can be made aware of your individual projections onto your partner, and they can be made aware of how their reactions can make the situation worse. By going through a process specific to your needs, you can work together to learn how to respond with awareness and communicate from a place of love, learning to deepen your connection to yourselves and each other. 

If you are seeking more intimacy in sex with your partner, couple sessions with Ashik can lead you into a sacred and safe space, for you to explore each other and learn techniques to assist each other in diving deeper into love.

It is an opportunity to solve things that aren’t solved in groups or workshops.

Ashik holds a safe space, with an awareness and consideration of each couple’s traumas and limitations. The pace of sessions are led mostly by the clients and you are encouraged to take risks, to be free and express yourselves authentically. You will have the opportunity to discover and develop both the masculine and feminine energies within yourselves as well as experience and express your shadows.

Ashik’s sessions are intuitive and tailored to the needs of the couple. He will draw on his extensive studies of Tantra, Learning Love, breath work, shamanism, somatic experience, abdominal and ecstatic massage. Using some or all of these techniques to assist you in deepening your sacred, sexual connection.

This is an opportunity for you both to release all obstacles between you, to be present, to still the mind, dropping into true presence. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the divine beings in each other, to feel the freedom that comes with accepting Love and sex are dangerous.

Truth comes from freedom
Freedom comes from truth
Truth can be expressed in a state of freedom and love can only grow and blossom in truth.

*Ashik is currently on a sabbatical and not taking bookings at this time.