Inner Union course

Ashik & Shamim are joining forces once again to guide you on a path inwards, towards your own divinity, harmony and bliss within.

Inner Union is not a retreat or a course, but rather a path to the Sacred Marriage Within. A journey to establish and maintain a healthy masculine and feminine inside yourself, resulting in having healthy, balanced relationships in the outer world.

Drawing on ancient tools form tantra, shamanism and nature, you will learn to listen to your own inner wisdom, with trust and appreciation.

You will gain tools and techniques on the following:
*conscious communication
*somatic experience
*rituals & ceremonies

This is an invitation to balance your Yin and Yang, your masculine & feminine, your light and your dark. It’s an opportunity to honour, accept and love all sides of yourself because… There are no short cuts in life, you need to harmonise your inner world to have a harmonious outer world.

More info & booking:
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Location: Awakeland, Monchique, Algarve, Portugal