Awake Dance Celebration

Ashik will be producing the event and teaching meditation workshops at Awake Celebration 2-5 Sept 2021 at Awakeland Portugal.

Awake Celebration is a CONSCIOUS FEAST, an opportunity to express ourselves through movement.

By moving we release emotions and blockages, meditate, become aware of our body, have fun and joy pulsates inevitably through us. Movement is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. During these four days we will try different types of movement, from Ecstatic to African, passing through Trance, Biodanza, etc … Here we can sing, meditate, play, relax … here we all share the same passion: MOVE.

It will take place in the locality of Awakeland Portugal, Terra Velha, Serra de Monchique, Algarve. Awake Celebration is not just another summer gathering … it is a place where you will also find alternative therapies, meditations, sharing circles, vegetarian meals of high quality and of course, an intense contact with nature. All experiences will be facilitated by experienced teachers who are deeply knowledgeable of their art and human nature.

There are several ways to participate, which makes this event very accessible.
These are four days that promise to revitalize your world, both exterior and interior.

Workshops include:
* 5 Rhythms
* Ecstatic Wave
* Biodanza
* Trance
* Tantra
* Osho Active Meditation
* Yoga & more…

We will also have a healing temple with healers from the local area and around the world offering treatments to compliment movement!

For more info and booking: